Polygon (MATIC) Joins Google to Supercharge Web3 Development in Multi-Billion Dollar Market

• Google Cloud and Polygon partner to foster growth in the Web3 ecosystem with a new protocol integration.
• The partnership will aid in the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem by introducing Blockchain Node Engine.
• The adoption of blockchain technology through Polygon will be accelerated, enabling use cases in gaming, supply chain management, and DeFi.

Google Cloud and Polygon Partner to Foster Growth

Google Cloud and Polygon have come together to foster growth in the Web3 ecosystem with a new protocol integration that supports network developers. This partnership seeks to advance the pace at which developers create Web3 products on the Polygon network.

Introducing Blockchain Node Engine

Google Cloud has introduced Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node-hosting service designed to reduce the need for node operations. Using this protocol, Web3 firms can deploy smart contracts, relay transactions, read or write reliable blockchain data and carry out other activities. This will make it easier for developers to build on Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine on the Polygon network.

Boosting Transaction Throughput

The goal of this partnership is to increase transaction throughput so businesses can embrace blockchain technology through Polygon more easily. This could enable use cases such as gaming, supply chain management and DeFi (decentralized finance).

Consensus 2023

At Consensus 2023 – a gathering focused on bringing members of crypto-, blockchain- and web 3 communities together – representatives from Google Cloud spoke about details of their partnership with Polygon. According to Ryan Wyatt (President of Polygon), this alliance looks forward towards boosting transaction throughput amongst other things; paving way for even more businesses to accept blockchain technology via polygon.


The recent alliance between Google Cloud and polygon is expected to lead towards accelerating adoption rates for blockchain technology through polygon in order for users to benefit from use cases such as gaming, supply chain management or DeFi (decentralized finance).