Chiliz Chain Hits Impressive Milestone: 100,000 Wallets & 500k Transactions!

• Chiliz has hit a milestone since the launch of its mainnet, exceeding 100,000 wallet addresses and 500,000 transactions.
• The network is designed to provide infrastructure for sports brands and teams to launch Web 3.0 products.
• Despite the milestones achieved, the CHZ token’s price has dropped significantly.

Chiliz (CHZ) Chain Hits Impressive Milestone

Chiliz recently launched its Chiliz Chain 2.0 mainnet and has hit a significant milestone by surpassing 100,000 wallet addresses and 500,000 transactions in just two months since its launch. The blockchain infrastructure is designed to provide infrastructure for the entertainment and sports industry to launch Web 3.0 products and facilitate community engagement and interaction.

Fan Token Trademark Approved

In addition to hitting this impressive milestone, Chiliz Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alexandre Dreyfus also declared that Chiliz had completed registration and received approval for its “Fan Token” trademark in America. This implies that Chiliz now has the sole right to the Fan token which would likely be instrumental in token adoption.

Partnership with Ankr

Furthermore, Ankr – a major infrastructure provider for BNB Chain ecosystem – partnered with Chiliz in June with Ankr chosen as the main Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider for the protocol.

Address Activity Low Despite Milestones

Despite all of these developments on the platform, activity within address metrics shows that there is still room for improvement as active addresses have not grown significantly over time despite recent increases in June being applaudable compared against other months..

CHZ Price Drawdown Amid Milestones

Unfortunately, this surge in activity on the network does not reflect on CHZ price as it continues to experience significant drawdown despite these positive developments on the platform indicating that traders are yet to buy into it at this stage..