Chainlink and PwC Germany Partner to Fuel Blockchain Adoption

Chainlink’s Partnership with PwC Germany

  • Chainlink’s Co-Founder, Sergey Nazarov, believes that the partnership with PwC will boost blockchain adoption.
  • The collaboration centers around accelerating the adoption of enterprise blockchain.
  • PwC Germany is dedicated to pioneering the blockchain technology.

Benefits of Chainlink Collaboration

Chainlink specializes in connecting existing systems to various blockchains. This connection helps enterprises and capital markets in integrating with cryptocurrency and blockchain systems. The partnership between Chainlink Labs and PWC Germany aims to simplify the process for companies who are trying to interface with the blockchain economy.

What Does PWC Bring To The Table?

PWC will offer its technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to aid customers in developing compliance protocols and securing smart contracts as well as operating infrastructure nodes. Furthermore, PWC has already developed an array of solutions such as a Blockchain Explorer and Transaction Analyzer – BETA, Travel Rule Integration, Tokenization Framework, Smart Contract Formal Verification Framework, and Digital Asset Valuation Model.

How Does This Benefit Enterprises?

This collaboration between Chainlink Labs and PwC Germany benefits enterprises by providing them access to both leading services in their respective fields. Enterprises can now turn to ChainLink for assistance in connecting their systems with blockchain technology while receiving technical expertise from PWC when it comes to developing compliance protocols or operating infrastructure nodes.


The partnership between ChainLink Labs and PWC Germany is a great step towards simplifying the process of integrating existing systems with blockchain technology for businesses. It provides them access to two leading organizations so they can benefit from both expertises when it comes to developing compliance protocols or operating infrastructure nodes as well as connecting these systems onto various blockchains efficiently.