Cardano Reaches 4M Wallets: ADA Price Could Follow Suit?


  • Cardano’s on-chain performance has been impressive, with over 8 million native tokens and more than 4 million unique wallets.
  • Transactions carried out in March have hit 64 million.
  • The number of users on the Cardano network, wallets hosted by Cardano, delegated wallets and Plutus scripts have all seen an increase.

Cardano tokens reach 8M+

According to its most recent Monthly On-chain statistics , unique wallets on the network have crossed 4 million, while transactions carried out in March have hit 64 million. Expectations for Cardano (ADA) price are high, as community members maintain optimism, hoping that on-chain performance can influence ADA’s price in April. The Cardano blockchain is taking no days off, as its network continues to expand its reach, value and overall development. Cardano has been one of the most talked about network’s in the crypto community, and the conversation is likely to continue as the network has just hit a new milestone. Taking to Twitter, Cardano shared six metrics that highlighted Cardano’s progress throughout the month of March. On its monthly-chain statistics report, Cardano’s native tokens have soared by 2.63%. This brings the total number of Cardano tokens to a staggering 8.07 million.

Unique Wallets Cross 4M Mark

The number of users on the Cardano network has seemingly skyrocketed in the month of May. There was a notable 2.96% increase in the number of transactions carried out on the Cardano blockchain last month. The total number of transactions on the network, at the close of March, hit a whopping 64 million. Wallet holders did not slow down as well. As the network boomed, wallet holders increased as more users trooped into Cardano. Up by 1.44%, the number of wallets hosted by Cardano is now sitting at 4.02 million. Similarly, delegated wallets are up by 0.49%, as a result, the total number of delegated wallets is now totaling 1.28 million .

Policies & Plutus Scripts Increase

Cardano is committed to improving its network policies, and last month was no different . With continuous growth within their chain , it’s expected that policies will surge . In March , policies shut up by 1 . 40 % , bringing their total to 71 , 160 . Plutus Scripts also saw an upward trend during this time ; crossing 5 , 000 after increasing 1 . 67 % since February .

Can ADA Price Follow Suit ?
As with any cryptocurrency project , investors and traders alike eagerly await price movements due to any milestones or updates made throughout their system . Despite this being true for many projects , it may be wise for those interested in investing or trading ADA not to rely solely on prices following suit with these exciting new milestones achieved through their development team’s hard work .

< h2 >Conclusion
Cardano had yet another successful Month Of Chain Growth ! Investors should be optimistic about possible future price movements related To these recent improvements made within their Network but should also note that investing Is A Risky Activity And Should Research Properly Before Investing Any Funds Into Cryptocurrencies !